We welcome pull requests and bug reports on our Open Source projects. This is our process for dealing with them.

Pull Requests

As stated in our contributing guidelines (for example, the vCloud Core contributing guidelines), we will acknowledge your pull request within two working days.

A story to review the PR will then go into our backlog of work. If the change is relatively simple, it will likely be reviewed very quickly. However, if it is a more complex change, or we have other high priority work at the time, it may take a bit more time for us to review it.

If you feel it has been too long, then you are welcome to ‘bump’ the pull request by making another comment on it.

Bug reports

We also appreciate bug reports, and the process is similar. We will acknowledge the bug report within a few days and raise a story in our backlog to investigate it.

However it is likely to have a lower priority than a pull request, so it may take quite a while for us to investigate and fix it. If it’s an urgent issue for you, it might be worth thinking about raising a pull request. As noted in our contributing guidelines, we are very happy to help if you have questions about how to raise a PR.

Contacting us

We have two mailing lists about our Open Source tools.

A general list about our Open Source tools

Specifically about our vCloud Tools Ruby gems:

vCloud Tools mailing list

Please note, you must be signed in with a Google account to join the groups.

We will respond to your emails as quickly as we can, during working hours.